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Camera and gentLED-Auto not included.

«Manually aiming the rig was much easier than I expected,
and I actually hit my target on the first try all three times I sent the rig up....
» — B. B., Coraopolis, PA

They don't get any simpler than this!

Brooxes Simplex is just a lightweight manually-aimed camera frame and Picavet suspension system, intended to carry a compact point-&-shoot camera. Use it with a camera that has its own built-in intervalometer, such as the GoPro Hero, or with a CHDK-converted Canon.
It can also be used with an infrared-triggerable camera with James Gentles' gentLED-Auto shown here.

For smoothest operation, add PeKaBe blocks.

Weight without camera or accessories 5 oz (142 g).

includes two Brooxes Utility Frames,
Picavet Cross and line, KAP-Klips™, and hardware.
(Shutter trigger not included)





Standard BEAK with Canon S70
(camera not included)


This is the complete kit for the standard BEAK —
only 28 parts!



«Thank you for fast, speedy, professional and courteous service. ... I'm truly impressed with your quick turn around, and quality product.» — H.Q., Springfield Gardens, NY


«It's nice to see such clear documentation; I'm very pleased with your products and your service.» — J.O., Fruita, Colorado


«I don't know how often you're told this, but you have a keen sense for customer service and support.» — J.H., Mountain View, California








The HoBEAK will accommodate any of the infrared-triggerable cameras listed above right.


[Pass cursor over picture to see how we anchored the camera
so it won't revolve around the tripod screw, located at the other end.]


«I just received my order today, much earlier than I expected. I just wanted to write back and compliment you on wonderful prompt customers service, and I got [a] refund for overcharged shipping.
What a great service/shop you've got!»

— C.H, Castro Valley, California

Brooxes Electric AutoKAP Kit, in any of its variations, provides an easy way to get a camera in the air quickly, and add a bit of control. It's easy to build, and easy to fly with moderate-sized kites. AutoKAP means it doesn't need radio — it takes pictures automatically while you relax and fly the kite.

The key to these kits is the clickPAN trigger, nicknamed “peanut”, in one of its forms. With any BEAK, you set the camera's vertical tilt angle before you launch. Then about every ten seconds, the peanut rotates the camera horizontally about 30 degrees, takes a picture, and then does it again and again, until the memory card is full or the battery empty. [If you'd like to adjust the time interval between pictures, add the clickPAN-ADJUST.]

The secret to KAP success with an automatic rig is to shoot lots of pictures. Memory cards are getting cheaper every day. With a 1GB or larger card, it's possible to shoot hundreds of images in a few minutes, from which you can pick a bunch of good ones at every outing.

With any of the BEAKs, you provide a camera, three AAA batteries (alkaline or rechargeable), and a kite. Each kit contains these components:

• all frame parts

• 360° continuous servo

• clickPAN-IR rotator-trigger

• AAA battery box with switch

• BCPC Picavet suspension

•Brooxes KAP-Klips™

plus all necessary hardware and an illustrated instruction manual. Assembly of any of the BEAKs should take 1 - 3 hours.

Click to download Tool List

The standard BEAK is the simplest, lightest, and least expensive. It is designed to use a small point-&-shoot digital camera, hung in portrait (vertical) format as shown.

Camera must weigh less than 14 ounces (400g) and be triggerable by infrared or wired remote control or CHDK. If your camera is not remote-controllable, you will need the Servo-BEAK below.

Many cameras may be triggered by infrared remote control, but not all are suited to the BEAK because of their size and weight. The following cameras meet all criteria and are recommended. Except for the later Pentaxes and the new Sonys, most are no longer in production but may be found on eBay and some dealers:

  • Pentax W90, WG1, WG2
  • Pentax Optio S4 to S10 series (shown here)
  • Pentax A-10 to A-40
  • Canon S60 or S70 (shown at left above)
  • Samsung NV-7, 10, 11, 20, 30
  • Sony NEX-5, 5A, or 7
  • Olympus Stylus 800

To adapt any BEAK to a CHDK-MODIFIED Canon,
see below!

Rig weight 5 oz (141 g) without camera.

Brooxes Electric
AutoKAP Kit

just U$92.00

Please select your camera from this menu:

Model group:

If you prefer to take automatic pictures in landscape (horizontal) format with one of the infrared-triggerable cameras listed above, build the HoBEAK [left]. All it takes is one more Utility Frame and a couple of screws and wing nuts. This configuration is a better one if you want to shoot straight down with cameras like the Canon S70, which has a tripod screw hole way off center.

Otherwise: components, operation, and camera requirements are identical to the standard BEAK above. Infrared or wired remote control capability or CHDK is required!

Weight 7 oz (200 g) less camera.

Brooxes Electric
AutoKAP Kit


Please select your camera from this menu:

Model group:


CHDK is a removable, safe firmware enhancement that operates on many point-&-shoot Canon cameras, providing additional functionality such as RAW, time-lapse, high-speed shutter, etc. Actions can be scripted, such as Remote Shutter, which allows triggering through the USB port — and use of the

Adapt your BEAK or HoBEAK for a

Swap the standard clickPAN-IR
for clickPAN-USB for just

15.00 additional!

First purchase one of the kits above;
then click this button:

See the CHDK Wiki for firmware downloads and details.

The most flexible automatic is the

which will accommodate any point-&-shoot camera
of less than 5.5"wide x 4" high x 3.5" deep and 14 oz weight.
Pan servo is hidden behind the battery box in this picture.



«A new piece of KAP gear can change the whole thing. . . . It feels like I've upgraded to an automatic weapon!» — E.V., Ventura, California

For the many point-&-shoot cameras that can't be triggered remotely, it's the Servo-BEAK.
As above, you set the tilt before launching; the clickPAN-Servo pushes the shutter button with a servo-actuated finger, rotating the rig and taking pictures until the card is full or the batteries empty.

Like the other BEAKs, this kit includes all necessary frame parts, both servos, battery box with switch, and hardware. All you provide is 3 AAA batteries, a camera, and a kite.

Unlike the rigs above, the Servo-BEAK can be easily upgraded to radio or AuRiCo control with the addition of a tilt servo.

Recommended cameras include all the Canon Digital Elphs, all of the Casio line, the compact Nikons, the waterproof Pentaxes ... or just about any small (less than 14 oz.) point-&-shoot digital camera on the market.

Weight 9 oz (250 g) less camera.

SERVO-BEAK just U$120.00




For the most compact rig, substitute
Brooxes Folding Picavet Cross
for the standard Picavet provided with your kit. This unit was designed to be used with one of the lightweight kits above, but it can be adapted to any kit on this page.

NOTE: You must buy a kit at the same time in order to buy this upgrade! To upgrade prior purchases, buy the Folding Picavet from the Parts page.

Folding Picavet Upgrade

«...thank you for putting in the time, effort, and care to make your kits and parts available to us who have a passion, but neither the technical know how or time to tinker. The instructions were perfect and all went together quite well.» —T.L., Kansas City, MO

« have a great product and you handle orders easily and quickly.» — D.H., Fayetteville, NC





Basic KAP kit


is the kit we started with, now in use all over the world.
It was designed for radio control, using model airplane servos to provide 360-degree horizontal (pan) rotation, vertical tilt, and shutter control. But the BBKK may be also used without radio control with an interval timer, called an intervalometer.  It will take you three to six hours to assemble using basic tools, depending on how complex you wish to make it. It is an adaptable, expandable system.

KAP cradle pic

[Click on the picture for a larger image that you may rotate with your mouse. It's a large file and loads slowly with dial-up connections, so please be patient.]



KAP kit parts


kit diagram



«This was a snap to build.» — B.W., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

«While building it, I kept thinking about how many years of trial and error and innovation went into it. I feel lucky that you've gone to all the trouble to make it available to people like me who don't have a shop or the skills needed to easily build a rig and get it into the air.»
— M.L., Berkeley, California

«What a great kit and excellent instructions. I had no problem assembling it and it went together quite quickly.... It made getting into KAP easy.» — T.T., Calgary, Alberta

«Well thought out, adaptable, it's exactly what I needed.»
— M.J., Barneveld, Wisconsin

«Five Star Rating *****... Prompt, courteous, helpful, and a pleasure to do business with.» — R.M., Auburn Hills, Michigan

Most autofocus, autowind, point-&-shoot cameras can be accommodated by the BBKK. Cameras are limited to maximum dimensions of 5.5" wide by 4" high by 5.5" deep (14 x 10 x 14 cm), and must have a tripod screw hole on the bottom and a shutter button on top, and a recommended maximum weight of 14 oz. (While a small DSLR will fit, it's too heavy to hang from the servo and would require a gear package. Any DSLR would be better-suited to the Deluxe Kit shown below.)

BBKK may be used without radio control with most point-&-shoot cameras with the clickPAN-SERVO or AuRiCo controller, or with infrared-triggerable cameras using the gentLED-Auto .

The kit will accommodate radio-control equipment with two to four channels, to operate pan, tilt, and shutter [see left]. The kit is designed to use Futaba S3003/3004 or Tower Hobbies TS-53 servos, but other standard-size servos should work too.

Most finished radio rigs will weigh two pounds or less, suitable for use with such kites as a medium Parafoil or Flowform, the Fled, a medium-sized Rokkaku, or a 9-foot Delta or Delta-Conyne. Larger, more powerful kites are not needed, nor recommended. See our KITESTUFF page.

The BBKK package includes 70 pieces and a 20-page manual [left]. The kit may be purchased on this site only with U.S. nuts & bolts (also known as ANSI, SAE, or Imperial).

The BBKK includes the Parallax Continuous Rotation Servo. Also included are all aluminum frame parts, Brooxes Compact Picavet Cross, all fasteners & hardware, a set of KAP-Klips™, and complete, detailed, illustrated instructions. A typical illustration from the manual is shown at left.

In addition, you will need tilt and shutter servos or some means of triggering the shutter, and a two- to four-channel radio control system, OR one of the controllers mentioned above — and a suitable camera, kite, line, and winder, of course. If you choose radio control,  we recommend the Futaba 4-YF radio from Tower Hobbies, or the Spektrum DX5.

To construct the kit, you'll need basic hand tools and an electric drill or small drill press. Click here to download a tool list.

Weight of the BBKK less camera and batteries is 7 - 9 oz (200 - 250 g).

BBKK just U$72.00


For a Deluxe KAP Kit,
scroll down.

For KAP Parts, Kit Accessories & Gentles' Goodies, CLICK HERE


Add the major accessories from our Parts Page
and SAVE with our



«Using your rigs non-stop. The only problem is that they are so well constructed that they never break, so I have no good reason to get in touch with you!» — E.F., Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


for AuRiCo or Radio Control


• Brooxes Basic KAP Kit with Picavet
• Parallax Continuous Rotation Servo
• Ball-Bearing Blocks for the Picavet
• Brooxes Bolt-on Leg Brackets with Carbon Legs
• Brooxes Better Gear Guide with Standard Gears
• Brooxes Hangups™ to hang it all from

NOTE: This kit does not include a servo to tilt the camera. For heavy and/or deep cameras, such as an SLR with a long lens, a hi-torque metal-geared standard servo should be used. Otherwise, a standard servo should be adequate.

Triggering the shutter may be done by a standard servo, miniservo, or suitable Gentles device. None is included in the kit; see the Parts page.

The kit will also need a battery pack and power switch, usually provided in most radio packages or available on the Parts page.

Click to download Tool List

Weight less camera & batteries is 10-12 oz (280-340g).



 We recommend the Futaba 4-YF 2.4 gHz radio
from Tower Hobbieswith Brooxes Deluxe KAP Kit.





«Beautiful kit.... Great design, great instructions. THANK YOU!»
J. S., Culver City, California


Pan Gearing Upgrade

Substitute the Deluxe 1:4 Reduction Gear Package for the 1:1 Standard Gears in the Deluxe Kit above.

First: purchase the kit above; then click this button:

Picture includes additional components not included in the kit.
Camera and electronics not included.

For large SLRs, you'll need

We recommend using nothing larger than a small SLR for KAP (e.g., Canon Rebel), but if you must lift a big, heavy camera, you'll need this kit.

BMKK is a variation on the Deluxe Kit, which substitutes Brooxes Maxi Frame parts, PLUS the Pan Gear Upgrade, PLUS long legs.

NOTE! You'll need some means of triggering the shutter electrically, such as the gentLED-Shutter or gentWIRE-Focus, because the Maxi frame won't accommodate the normal shutter-servo mounting hardware. Also, a high-torque metal-geared tilt servo is recommended.

Weight less camera & batteries 18 - 20 oz. (500 - 550g)



 We recommend the Futaba 4-YF 2.4 gHz radio
from Tower Hobbieswith Brooxes Deluxe KAP Kit.


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